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Paternity Causes of Action

Southeast Michigan Paternity Attorneys

When you are parents looking for parenting time, custody or child support and you were in a unwedded relationship, we can help you establish your rights under the law.  In Michigan, actions to determine paternity of a child may be brought under the Paternity Act.  Unwed parents may also sign an acknowledgment of parentage under the Acknowledgment of Parentage Act, and a putative father may file a notice of intent to claim paternity under the Adoption Code, which raises a rebuttable presumption of paternity.  A putative (or presumed) father may also establish paternity under the Revocation of Paternity Act (RPA).

Under any of these scenarios, you need a good lawyer to stand by your side. We have studied and researched the laws necessary to get you the results that are in the best interest of your child/children.  Michigan Law Services, PLLC, in Shelby Township, MI is on the very forefront of the ever-changing progressions in this area of law


Dedicated Action to Protect your Parental Rights

Be of obtain positive results for men and women in the complex area of paternity. We believe that there are very few things in life that are worth more than fighting for your rights to care for, guide and influence your own children.

The attorneys of Michigan Law Services, PLLC are dedicated to providing the most favorable outcomes for our clients.  We strive to provide the most cost-efficient and competent legal representation out there.

For a free consultation on your paternity action and your legal options, please contact us today. We are responsive to your needs, and we accept major credit cards payment for our services.


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