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There used to be a time where you can go to any attorney to handle your divorce, however with new and innovative rules and procedures in the State of Michigan and even within each of the different counties, the only answer is to have an attorney with experience on your side.  The attorneys at Michigan Law Services, PLLC are here to help you during these difficult and confusing times.


When representing a client, our philosophy is that a client educated by us in the relevant statutes and court rules that govern divorce proceedings and traditional lawyer negotiation/litigation cases, the better that client will be in understanding what options they have in the case.  We will inform you and educate you at every step including the filing of the complaint, service onto the other party, various motions and orders, personal protection orders (PPOs), discovery, hearings, trials, and judgments.

The attorneys at Michigan Law Services, PLLC are also experienced with other types of alternative resolutions to your case including: mediation and domestic relations arbitration, and other ADR processes, such as early facilitative mediation and collaborative practice.

Call (586) 991-1SUE (1783) today for your free 30 minute consultation.  You have options, let us put them to work for you.


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